mod_auth_mysql for apache 2.[024].x

Current and last Release: Version 1.11, 2016-02-22

It works only with Apache 2.0.x, Apache 2.2.x and Apache 2.4.x

It doesn't work well with any newer apache version - I'm not planing to upgrade mod_auth_mysql to the new api of apache 2.6!

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[   ]creacerts.sh2007-05-19 21:00 6.4KScript to generate the MySQL Certs
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[BIN]apache-2.0.x_mod_auth_mysql.so2007-05-19 21:23 15K precompiled module for apache 2.0.x i386, sha256sum: 26d9e849188953ceff2239b12a56840ac919de55f6d98d244fdae2b8e35707b8;
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[BIN]apache-2.2.x_mod_auth_mysql.so2007-05-19 21:24 15K precompiled module for apache 2.2.x i386, sha256sum: 04023d7b26e4d5caf5d5da9c301552f3bbff0f6c69286ab8bbe7cf23f2416c00;
rename it to; it needs
[BIN]apache-2.4.x_mod_auth_mysql.so2016-02-22 11:49 18K precompiled module for apache 2.4.x x86-64, sha256sum: 46bfa6e325ff69c4c09d78d6e1d9a848ec19cd7b9d0496c8b1721391329f524f;
rename it to; it needs
[DIR]old/2007-05-19 21:21 - Older versions
[TXT]version2007-05-19 21:02 5 Current version: 1.11

You may browse the GitLab archive and check the bugtracking system.

Please read first the README, INSTALL and check the bugtracking system bevor you contact me (ueli-modauth [at] heuer [dot] org) !
If you are using MD5 oder SHA hashes please read the Task FS#104 in the bugtracking system.

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